It all began in Italy in 1905, when shoes were entirely handmade and ther quality was determined by the man who created them. It was at this time that Luigi Bernacchini founded his footwear studio for men, BERNACCHINI 1905, which was distinguished by the refined style and attention to detail which are the essential qualities of Marchigiano fine craftsmanship.

The family run business was inherited in 1960 from Palmiro Bernacchini, son of Luigi, who brought together classic style with a new line of sportswear and encouraged the brand to expand into international markets.

Today Palmiro’s sons have created the third-generation of  BERNACCHINI 1905 shoes which combine the traditions of quality footwear and new designs into the brand INK. Together they have merged the traditions of fine craftsmanship which have been handed down through generations, with modern footwear design to offer a unique, yet refined new style for men and women that is available internationally while being exclusively produced in Italy.



The INK shoes are made using tanned leather that is colored with natural waxes and use plant fibers sewn together with string in the high-quality leather sole. These techniques and process are a part of the long tradition of production from BERNACCHINI 1905 and ensure the shoes guarantee both comfort and perfection.



The secret of success for the INK brand is not only the ancient tradition of manufacturing, but the fusion of this with modern design. To achieve this INK has developed an important relationship with Marco Belluccini, who in recent years has created the new line of shoes. Thanks to the designs of Marco Belluccini, INK has been welcomed by the international market with fervent enthusiasm, and awarded significant recognition.

Why Us?

100% Italiano


INK is not only Made in Italy, it’s a real Product of Italy in the same way as Italian cuisine and fine wine. For this reason the entire production process is kept within the Marche – region of central Italy – the heart of the Italian footwear history. All of the materials, styles and people are selected by INK according to their qualities and not only their price.

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